Quality and environment

Quality through self-entitlement and certification

Even before the company was founded, our successful trading business from TH MROSE has been familiar with customer requirements from the industry. The trust placed in us by existing customers and new customers will continue to be translated into the best quality results and exceptional operational readiness. This endeavor was and is our self-imposed quality standard. We have received confirmation of the value of our work and our products from DB AG by lending the supplier's predicate "Supplier of the Year" 2012.

Competence through: "lifelong learning"

In numerous further education courses, we regularly qualify our experts in their respective fields, so that the high-quality materials we use, is processed by qualified personnel. Furthermore, we meet the requirements of the quality management standard EN ISO 9001 and other special areas such as: bonding and welding (see certificates).

Saving resources through fiber composite solutions

We are convinced of the sustainable performance of modern fiber composites made of glass, carbon and aramid fibers. That is why we use its potentials purposefully and replace conventional materials such as steel, aluminum or concrete. Our aim is always to minimize the specific product weight while increasing strength and life-time of the substituted product. On the one hand, SMT composite solutions thus ensure a significant reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels and, on the other hand, lead to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. We are therefore pleased to contribute to a clean future.

Protecting the environment with modern facilities

The SMT GmbH has been making various environmental contributions since its inception. e.g. by maximizing the use of building roof areas to generate energy through photovoltaic systems or by using reusable shipping containers for all internal movement of goods to keep packaging waste to a minimum. It goes without saying that, of course, most of our product packaging is made from environmentally friendly waste paper and can be supplied to the dual waste disposal system. Through the consistent separation of waste in the offices as well as in the commercial sector, we carry on the idea of ​​the environment for a sustainable future.