Construction industry

Architecture and building construction

Advantages of composites in architecture / construction:

  • lightweight
  • fire protection
  • insulation properties
  • corrosion and weather resistance

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Conventional metallic or natural based materials entail high mass inputs and automatically create a number of restrictions and disadvantages. Composites, on the other hand, make it possible to replace well-known materials, but also allow completely new freedoms in the design (architecture) by playing the lightweight construction factor. We pursue material-oriented solutions by targeted utilisation of the specific mechanical properties (i.e. strength, rigidity) of fiber-reinforced plastic composites (FRP) and thus achieve a significant weight saving with the same flexural rigidity. Another advantage is the possibility of prefabrication of components. Prefabricated and lightweight components significantly reduce the installation effort, as for instance assembly and construction time on site and allow completely new building solutions on existing foundations. It is therefore ideal for a fusion of art design with architecture and efficiency with logistics.

  • Construction and material lightweight construction
  • Shape and design freedom
  • Reduced installation costs

Fire protection

Fire protection in buildings is becoming more and more important, worldwide. Our composites fulfill all the mentioned characteristics (lightweight construction, insulation, weather resistance) in combination with an outstanding fire protection according to EN 13501-1. This is based on our expertise on the following points:

  • Addition of flame-retardant substances
  • Function integration through separating layers
  • non-combustible matrix systems

Thus we fulfill the EN 13501-1 according to requirement:

  • B / s2 / d0
  • A1 and A2

We would like to explain the different approaches and features to you in detail during a personal conversation.

Insulation properties & weather resistance

Insulation properties

Good insulation is easy to achieve with plenty of mass. But who wants a high mass impact? Due to the versatility of the construction methods (material and design), clever solutions with integrated insulation properties can be implemented in our fiber composites. In particular, the following properties can be specifically improved:

  • soundproofing
  • thermal insulation
  • sound insulation

For the implementation, we follow different approaches, such as:

  • sandwich construction
  • absorbent core materials
  • function integration by e.g. vacuuming

The advantage of our composites lies in the outstanding insulating properties despite their low mass compared to homogeneous materials such as wood, plastic or metal.

Corrosion and weather resistance

Outdoor components are exposed to the weathering. That means moisture, UV light, temperature fluctuations and much more. This environmental stress can shorten the life of any material. We offer a variety of solutions that significantly extend the service life with low maintenance costs. With our know-how in the coating, we can give the fiber plastic composite solutions additional protection through chemically compatible coating (e.g., in-mold gel coat or top coating). The resulting weather resistance allows to use outdoors and in any climate zone. This also applies under extreme conditions, for example: off-shore installations. The longer life therefore minimises any maintenance intervals and repair and thus ultimately your costs.

  • chemically compatible coating (e.g., in-mold gel coat or top coating)
  • for weather resistance and extended service life