Lightweight construction ≠ easy to build

Lightweight construction is an interdisciplinary topic and can be implemented by various concepts (for example lightweight design, lightweight construction and material lightweight construction). In particular, the use of design materials such as e.g. fiber reinforced plastics (composites) with continuous fibers (material lightweight construction) is our strength as this can be advantageously designed to structural requirements and loading directions. Another special feature is that mechanical properties of the fiber composite material is to be set during the production, i. e. depending on the fiber content. The fiber content is in turn a result of the material and manufacturing process used. SMT has been dealing with lightweight construction since the company was founded. Thanks to numerous projects and innovative approaches, SMT has meanwhile been able to develop extensive knowledge of materials and production technologies, which of course benefits our customers. Lightweight construction is used in applications such as:

  • transportation
  • construction industry
  • mechanical engineering