Forster System-Montage-Technik GmbH

a company of the MROSE Group

Welcome to the SMT GmbH. We would like to thank you first for visiting our website. Forster System-Montage-Technik GmbH, headquartered in Forst (Lausitz), has established itself on the market as a supplier of lightweight, robust and fire-resistant fiber composite solutions. The service offered by SMT covers all important interfaces under management, from conception and production to installation. In addition, SMT has developed an expertise in the processing of system components, which has proven to be a cost-efficient solution, especially in the transport sector. SMT offers:

  • qualified engineering teams
  • a well equipped development department
  • state-of-the-art production facilities with skilled personnel
  • mobile assembly teams

We unite great importance to quality, flexibility and reliability in our projects and we always try to meet new challenges with the same demands.