Plant & Machine Engineering

SMT products are designed, manufactured and possibly assembled in accordance to your requirements. The application in large equipment (e.g., medical technology) or industrial machinery (e.g., textile machinery, assembly robots) is an ideal field for lightweight, self-supporting, fire-resistant composites.

  • Fire protection
  • lightweight constructions


Fire protection

Our composites fulfill the fire protection according to EN 13501-1. This is based on our expertise on the following points:

  • Addition of flame-retardant substances
  • Function integration through separating layers
  • non-combustible matrix systems

Thus we fulfill the EN 13501-1 according to requirement:

  • B / s2 / d0
  • A1 and A2

We would like to explain the different approaches and features to you in detail during a personal conversation.


Reducing mass in highly accelerated structures is an important step to either extend the life of the equipment, accelerate the movement of individual components or to save energy. We pursue material-oriented solutions by targeted utilisation of the specific mechanical properties (i.e. strength, rigidity) of fiber-reinforced plastic composites (FRP) and thus achieve a significant weight saving with the same flexural rigidity.

  • Construction and material lightweight construction
  • Shape and design freedom