From the very beginning with the right partner

SMT is a competent partner in the production of fiber reinforced plastics (composites), their optimization, design and processing. We are a certified adhesive specialist and experienced in industrial coating. Together with you, or as a service, we develop your products in consideration of all technical requirements and under constant costs monitoring.

Take advantage of our possibilities and our versatility.

Dipl.-Chem. Martin Plettig

We offer

Examination and evaluation of various composite materials

We have been researching various composite materials for more than 10 years and offer you gained know-how to evaluate your materials on request:

    • fiber
    • matrix
    • core materials
    • additives
    • adhesives
    • consumables
    • fasteners



Prototype construction using a variety of manufacturing technologies

For the production of your prototypes in fiber composite construction, we offer the following technologies in addition to the classic hand lamination process:

  • vacuum infusion
  • RTM light
  • hot pressing
  • 3D vacuum hot pressing

This allows the production of high-quality components with outstanding properties, especially in lightweight construction and fire protection applications.

In addition, our surface treatment and gel coat machine offers various surfaces possibilities (structure, color, haptic).


Materials, components and qualities

In cooperation with our partners, we examin on request your materials, components and qualities depending on requirements, etc. in

  • Static and dynamic strengths (pull, shear, pressure)
  • Drum Peel test
  • fire tests
  • acoustics
  • Reactivity
  • Tolerance adjustment (3D scan)

While we conduct in-house assessments for quick evaluations, we acquire a network of various accredited test laboratories for your certified examinations.